KB983583(MS10-060) is re-offered by Windows Update

Based on the symptom and looking at the log files, I found that we might have installed a bad hotfix baseliner contained in KB952883, which causes the subsequent updates (including 983583) to fail. This issue can be fixed by installing the hotfix KB975954. Please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Based on your OS Install one of these patches

2. Install the fix http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9737836

Once you complete the above steps, reboot the system and try checking the Windows update.

Comments (2)

  1. TPBrennan says:

    Excellent post and timely information.  We were planning to rip out all .NET on our Exchange servers until I found this post.  Instead of five reboots and a very invasive procedure I simply ran the two files referenced above and rebooted once.  Now none of the previously "missing" .NET updates are reported as needed.  Thanks!

  2. BeingSimple says:

    Thank you Smondal. It worked Great. Hope u r part of MS or else its shame on them that they dint send a patch or update to resolve this issue.

    I respect MS so much that it hurts to know the fact that so much people around the world has this issue and MS dint send any automatic resolver patch. what will elderly people do? what will not much educated people will do ? will they search like me for hours to gether and resolve this out? they will go on with this head ache.poor MS customers. Hope MS pull up their socks at least by now or else they will loose the battle with competitors.

    Frankly saying the issue is not yet resolved here too..still this dam kb973688 is poping up like others now…am into searching further blogs to get this resolved.

    Thanks to u man if u r non-MS guy but if u r one..convey my msg to ur officers that they are loosing confidence among customers.

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