DDSet_Error: Internal error: 2

Visual Studio 2010 fails on a Windows XP SP3 system with the following error message:
"DDSet_Error: Internal error: 2"

After reviewing the MSI log, I found that the failure occurs while executing "ReserveHttp" custom Action:

MSI (s) (7C:EC) [21:20:09:478]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=ReserveHttp.992B75DB_179A_4B48_B260_9FD0862C9A76,ActionType=3073,Source=BinaryData,Target=Install,)
MSI (s) (7C:A8) [21:20:09:509]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSI66.tmp, Entrypoint: Install
05/09/10 21:20:09 DDSet_Entry: WcfToolsInstall
05/09/10 21:20:09 DDSet_Status: HttpReservation::PerformInstall
05/09/10 21:20:09 DDSet_Status: HttpReservation::IsInstalled
05/09/10 21:20:09 DDSet_Status: HttpLibrary::HttpInitialize
05/09/10 21:20:10 DDSet_Status: HttpLibrary::HttpQueryServiceConfiguration
05/09/10 21:20:10 DDSet_Status: HttpLibrary::HttpTerminate
05/09/10 21:20:10 DDSet_Status: HttpReservation::ReserveURL
05/09/10 21:20:10 DDSet_Status: HttpLibrary::HttpInitialize
05/09/10 21:20:10 DDSet_Status: HttpLibrary::HttpSetServiceConfiguration
05/09/10 21:20:10 DDSet_Status: HttpLibrary::HttpDeleteServiceConfiguration
MSI (s) (7C!CC) [21:20:25:997]: Product: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional - ENU -- 05/09/10 21:20:10 DDSet_Error: Internal error: 2.

I ran httpcfg.exe tool
httpcfg.exe query urlacl  > urlacl.txt and looking at the utlacl.txt log, it looks like the system has an existing reservation which conflicts:    URL :

ACL : D:(A;;GX;;;S-1-5-21-143435xxx-1455057xxx-3436625xxx-1025)

So before we try to reserve we attempt to query for the exact reservation: http://+:8732/Design_Time_Addresses/, this fails, since it obviously doesn’t exist.

We then try to set the reservation, this fails because of the conflicting reservation. The delete then fails as well, because the exact reservation does not exist. It is likely that the  some other program or application has coincidentally used the same port which it used.

In order to workaround this problem, we would need to remove this urlacl with httpcfg before running Visual Studio 2010.

The command would be httpcfg.exe delete urlacl /u https://+:8732/

Comments (3)

  1. Michal says:

    Hi, I have just been instaling VS2010 on Windows 7 and got the same error. Your solution helped perfectly.

    I have one question though. How did you know which address was reserved ?

    PS: If anyone reads this, on WIndows 7 you must use: netsh http delete urlacl https://+:8732/

  2. Hassan Gulzar says:

    I'm struggling with the same issue in VS2012 + Windows 7:…/860c0bbe-e3d9-454a-bad0-8946e9f68b3e

  3. Eric Vandekerckhove says:

    Had the same issue with Visual Studio 2013.

    Deleted the https://+8733/Design_Time_Addresses/ using netsh and after that the installation worked.

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