Visual Studio 2008 Hangs in Design View with ASP.Net web pages

While trying to open ASP.Net web pages in Design view, Visual Studio 2008 IDE Hangs

To solve the problem in designer, follow the steps mentioned below:

1) Uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component.

2) Reinstall the Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component from DVD (look into the WCU folder where you can find WebDesignerCore.exe).

Comments (9)

  1. shokoloko says:

    This works. Thanks a bunch. It saved me hours of time fiddling with installations.

  2. Salman says:


    first excuse me for my bad English,

    I solved this problem for myself, and I hope yours to be solved too

    MY PROBLEM : with one of my ASP projects, when I switched to design view in VS2008 , it were hanged.

    MY SOLUTION : I use <%– –%> and commented all lines of my MasterPage and then I had no problem for switching to design view, then I converged it in arrived to an ANCHOR tag :

    <a href="Default.aspx">TEXT</a>

    when I converted it to

    <a href="~/Default.aspx">TEXT</a>

    my problem were solved.

  3. Csturm says:

    Thanks!  Reinstalling the web authoring component did the trick!  You saved me a bunch of time!

  4. Suresh Thakur says:

    Repairing the web authoring component did the trick! Thanks

  5. Aqil Palitanawla says:

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It works

  6. Johan says:

    Lifesaver !

  7. Vijay says:

    Thanks a Lot !!!!

  8. Pavaman says:

    Worked for me. Thanks.

  9. Majid Ali says:

    thanks a lot . it work fine for me…

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