WSCF 0.6 Released!

Congratulations to Christian and the guys over at Thinktecture on their v0.6 release of WSCF! New features include support for .NET Fx 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, together with partial classes, nullable types, SOAP 1.2, generics and a host of other goodies.


How can you tell if a “Web Service” really is a Web Service?

I was asked the question “How can you tell if a Web Service really is a Web Service?”.  If someone says that they have a Web Service (or more importantly is trying to sell you one!) what are the questions you should ask?  I decided to put together this list of 10 things that point you…


Interoperability BOF at PDC – Microsoft with Sun

Interested in interoperability betwen .NET and Java?  Then come to tomorrow’s (Monday’s) BOF session at PDC and hear speakers from both Microsoft and Sun talk about the subject.  Here are the details: Monday 12, 9:30pm, Room 511A – Interoperability: .NET, Java, Windows & Solaris


Creating Word documents on IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic

Running IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic or another J2EE application server?  Wish you could generate server-side Microsoft Word documents without any third party add-ins?  With Microsoft Office 2003 and an XML reference schema called WordML, you can do this today.  Here’s the first part in a series that shows you how.


New Version of WSE Trace Tool

I caught up with Benjamin Mitchell at TechEd Europe this year and we chatted briefly about WSE Trace – a small tool that I put together to help with viewing of traces generated by WSE.  Given that there is still some interest in this I thought it was overdue for a little update.   As…


MTOM Blogcast

For those that didn’t get to attend my session at JavaOne or TechEd Europe this year, here is a 5 minute “blog cast” of my MTOM interop demo – as I described in this earlier post.  See how easy it is to use WSE 3.0 CTP and JAX-WS to send a binary attachment between Java and…


Custom Exception Handling in Indigo

One question I frequently get asked is “how do I handle exceptions over Web Services?”  If you’ve ever tried passing exceptions using Web Services you’ll likely be able to relate to the issues.  The main problem is that the majority of toolkits don’t have a great way to deserialize generated SOAP Faults to local exceptions…


How to do MTOM Interop

In my JavaOne session yesterday I showed (what I believe to be) the first MTOM Interop demo between .NET and Java using publicly available toolkits.  For those that don’t know MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) is the new specification for optimizing the transmission and/or wire format of SOAP messages.  Primarily this means that we have…


Update from JavaOne

Wow, here I am at JavaOne!  It’s kind of odd…   I’ve been doing Java development for a number of years now and I realize that this is my first visit to JavaOne.  (What’s more ironic is that I had to wait to join Microsoft before I went 😉 So, what have we been up to – and what…


Microsoft at TechEd also ;-)

As I mentioned in my last post I’ll be at JavaOne this year – but before that of course I’ll be making my way down to TechEd! I’ll be presenting on Saturday 4th for TechEd Academic at the University of Florida.  I always enjoy the academic sessions as it helps put different perspectives on many…