Holiday Web Casts!

Have some spare time during the holidays to catch up on new technologies?  Mohammad Akif, an Architect Evangelist in Canada, has recorded two new webcasts that are worth checking out… Using Visual Studio for Deployment Modeling The new modeling features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 can help you to validate application deployment scenarios by defining…


Open Postion in My Team

Would you like to work with the best architects in Microsoft, capturing their ideas and sharing them with the world?   My team is looking for an experienced and self-motivated content strategist who can drive a strategy to create, synthesize, and deliver externally facing content that focuses on software architecture, in collaboration with other groups,…


Architect Personas

I’ve sat through many architect events over the past few years and one thing that always strikes me is how different one self claimed “architect” attendee can be from another.  For example, I saw two architects sitting together at a recent event – one was clearly very interested in the impact of architecture on the long…


Is this what they mean by being "Service Oriented"?

Wes (formerly from webMethods) forwarded me this snapshot from a shopping mall in TX.  (Apparently “Simon” is a retail management company 🙂 


Ron’s PodCast with Steve Cook

In the first of his “ArcTalk” series, Ron Jacobs interviews Steve Cook about DSLs and Software Factories.  You can check it out here!


Would you like to write for the Architecture Journal?

Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is a quarterly magazine, providing a world-class forum for the publication of unique articles on how good architecture can help create great implementations. Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is available as a printed subscription (you can order your own here) and also online here From Issue #7 (Feb 2006) I’ll be taking over from…


Beta of Scrum Add-In for VSTS available

A few guys at Conchango (for whom I used to work 🙂 have created a Scrum plug-in for VSTS.  Good reading if you are interested in agile development.


JavaOne 2005 Speaker Award

I came back from vacation today to find I had won a “JavaOne 2005 Speaker Award” for being in the top 20 of speakers at JavaOne this year :-).  Here’s a list of the top 20 sessions, and if you’d like to watch the session (I co-presented with Raghavan Srinivas from Sun), you can find it…


Ron’s Webcast on Windows Workflow Foundation

Ron sat down with John Evdemon (Architecture team) and Paul Andrew (Windows Workflow Foundation) in his Webcast today.  Well worth a listen to understand how Windows Workflow Foundation can affect your architectural decisions, although to be honest my favorite bit is the sounds effects 😉


Microsoft acquires FolderShare

I’m a big fan of FolderShare, so I’m very pleased to see this.