ARC202 – Slides from TechEd 2006

I've now uploaded my slides (hosting space courtesy of Mark) from my user experience presentation at TechEd 2006 this week.  You can find them here:

PowerPoint 2003 Format (60Mb)

PowerPoint 2007 Beta 2 Format (20Mb) 

*** Update - Fixed link (again) ***

Comments (6)

  1. Sai Krupa Sagar says:

    I am looking for MS strategy w.r.t SOA and Web 2.0. I am a Microsoft Certified Architect.

  2. RPrasanna says:


  3. Clemens says:

    Both url’s point to the same ppt…

  4. Bernard Farrell says:


    Did anyone happen to record the audio of your presentation? It would help get the full value from some of the slides.



  5. smguest says:


    Yes – we recorded it during the conference – hoping to post over the next week or so.



  6. Sean Gerety says:

    I know that there is an Add-in contest going on for visual studio, however where I would really like…

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