WSCF 0.6 Released!

Congratulations to Christian and the guys over at Thinktecture on their v0.6 release of WSCF! New features include support for .NET Fx 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, together with partial classes, nullable types, SOAP 1.2, generics and a host of other goodies.


5 Tips for running Windows Vista 5270 on a Virtual PC

I’ve recently setup Vista 5270 as a VPC on my Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet.  I was going to install it on a separate partition, but discovered that the Vista LDDM drivers for the M4 are still under development (which at this time makes switching to an external monitor difficult – and therefore difficult for using…


New Forum for Architect Events

Are you involved in running or supporting architect-related events?  Would you like a place to share information about upcoming events in your area – or maybe to discuss public topics after the event has happened? We are experimenting with a new forum on especially for architecture events.  You can reach the forum by clicking…


Moving Beyond SOA

John DeVadoss (my manager and the guy who runs the architecture team at Microsoft) has been on the road talking about “Moving Beyond SOA”, the latest of which was a session at VSLive.  His messages appear to be generating some buzz – including reports by both eWeek and InfoWorld.  


Move to Vonage

A couple of weeks ago I switched from my current VOIP provider, SunRocket, to Vonage.  The reason to do so was fuelled by: My SunRocket annual contract expires soon Vonage offers an international virtual number – which means for $4.99 a month I can get a number with an area code of my hometown in…


Call for Abstracts: Issue 8 of the Architecture Journal

Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is a quarterly magazine, providing a world-class forum for the publication of unique articles on how good architecture can help create great implementations. Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is available as a printed subscription (you can order your own here) and also online here Issue #7 is now on it’s way to the printers…