JNBridge releases an Interop Blog

Given my new role, I seem to have less and less time recently to keep up with the latest interoperability-related posts and sites.  I did however notice that Wayne from JNBridge has started a blog.  Aside from product information he has an interesting post on accessing JMS from .NET.  Well worth a read.

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  1. I would like to point out that <a href="http://www.codemesh.com">Codemesh</a&gt; has just recently announced that its very successful JMS Courier product, which for many years now has offered C++ connectivity for any JMS provider, is now in public beta for .NET as well.<p>

    Using JMS Courier, an organization can connect not just .NET clients but also C++ clients on multiple platforms to a JMS messaging system, all at extremely high performance.<p>

    Feel free to contact me or anyone else here if you’re interested in more details.<p>

    Alex (alex at codemesh dot com)

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