VOIP Move Complete!

After a successful couple of months I've now switched our main home phone number to VOIP.  Goodbye landline!  Overall, it's been a very good experience.  I take my hat off to the guys at SunRocket for excellent service so far.  For those thinking about a similar move, here's a run down of the pro's and con's of the switch:




  • Cost.  I purchased SunRocket's $199 package, which added a ton of features and literally cut my monthly phone bill by 50%.  Time from purchase to getting up and running was very reasonable - and very well communicated. 
  • International Dialing.  The $3 international limit per month is perfect for my needs and I don't have to worry about recharging a phone card.
  • Cordless Phones.  The free cordless phones (part of a SunRocket offer at the time I subscribed) are awesome.
  • Voicemail.  Voicemail messages are now delivered by Email.  No more answer machine!
  • Other Features.  Other features such as call waiting are now included for free.




  • Call quality.  For most of the time it's great (I've actually found it better when I make calls to my house than from it).  There are however odd occasions where quality is similar to a cellphone though - especially when downloading data at the same time as making a call.
  • Fax machines don't work over VOIP.  I'm not sure why, but I hear that this is as expected. 


My feature request list for SunRocket:


  • Please extend the second number option to include numbers based in other countries.  I'd love to have a UK based number for my second line (just like Vonage - ahem).
  • Please enable the second line on the "gizmo" so that we can use both lines/numbers at once.
  • Please consider a PC client application that will let me make calls using my VOIP account - I'll happily use a headset of the PC.

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