Update from JavaOne

Wow, here I am at JavaOne!  It’s kind of odd...   I’ve been doing Java development for a number of years now and I realize that this is my first visit to JavaOne.  (What’s more ironic is that I had to wait to join Microsoft before I went 😉

So, what have we been up to - and what are we doing?  Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the Interop track at JavaOne, so if you are here, be sure to check out the sessions that are lined up.  You can get a full run down of these on page 118 of the JavaOne Program Guide.  In particular I’d like to draw your attention to our BOF session on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm (Hall E 340) – “On the Couch with Sun and Microsoft”.  This is an open Q&A session where you can put forward any question you may have about getting products on both platforms to work together.

Raghavan Srinivas (from Sun) and I have been working on the demos for tomorrow's Advanced Web Services Interoperability session (TS-9866).  We are to the wire, but looking pretty good.  We'll be showing WS-Security, WS-RM, and even MTOM interop between .NET and Java.  Not sure what MTOM is?  Then you'll want to join us at 2.45pm to find out!  On your way, be sure to visit the Microsoft booth in the pavillion.  We are #440, next to the lunch hall - we have a great collection of demos (running on 64-bit AMD Sun hardware) and a team of experts ready to take questions.

So far, my experience of JavaOne this year has very positive - it's been great to hear what people are doing, and talking with them about their perceptions of Microsoft and their interests around Interoperability.  The highlight of Monday had to be meeting Scott McNealy (and giving him a copy of my book) when he visited our booth 😉

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