Microsoft at TechEd also ;-)

As I mentioned in my last post I'll be at JavaOne this year - but before that of course I'll be making my way down to TechEd!

I'll be presenting on Saturday 4th for TechEd Academic at the University of Florida.  I always enjoy the academic sessions as it helps put different perspectives on many topics. 

After the weekend, my main session at TechEd is CSI354 on Wednesday 8th at 5.30pm.  I can only apologize for the time (yeah, 5.30pm wouldn't be my first pick), but hope that you'll join me and not wait until the post-conference DVD.  We've been working hard this year to show things that "have only been talked about" until now!  (…and yes, that's all I'm giving away!).  In between, be sure to stop at the ARC cabana where my team will be hanging out. 

If you are looking for a good list of recommended sessions, check out Scott Hanselman's list here.  In addition to these, I'm personally looking forward to the HOLs (Hands On Labs).  I find these especially useful for those products that fit the "I should know more about that" category.

Hope to see you there...

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