VOIP – Episode 2

My SunRocket package turned up today - and so far I'm impressed.  My $199 got me one year of service, a VOIP adapter and 2 x cordless Uniden phones.  The adapter (SunRocket call it a gizmo) plugs directly between the cable modem and router - although I put mine behind the router as I didn't have the right cross-over cables.  I plugged in the device, waited for the adapter to connect and I had a dial tone!  Easy!  I tried a quick call to my cell phone, which worked.

One small thing I couldn't work out however is how to change the IP address of the Gizmo.  The instructions claim you can browse to the default IP address ( to get to an admin web page, but I couldn't get it to work.  No big deal - I just changed the address of my router and wireless printers to a 192.168.251.x network...

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