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Ok, it's been too long...   After yet another "phone call of despair" to my current telephone provider today, I've decided I really need to switch to VOIP for my home phone.  My requirements are fairly simple:  I have three phones in the house which need to be connected, I make few local calls and about 60 minutes of international calls each month, and I use Caller ID (sent through to my Media Center TV) to see who's calling.

For switching to VOIP it looks like I have two choices for my area:  Vonage or SunRocket

Vongage appear to be a more established company and offer a service that's cheaper in price to my current line - but not the cheapest in the VOIP space.  They do seem to have some cool features such as the softphone and talk of wireless phones in 2005.

SunRocket seem to have a better package, offer a second number free of charge and have 100 minutes of international calling per month free.  This is the first I've heard of the company though and I'd like to be assured that they will still be around in an year if I do sign up for their annual plan!

Anyone have experience with either of these?  Any more I should be looking at?  Any tips or advice?

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    We’ve just gone with Vonage. Installation was straight forward and it works (for now). Can’t speak to the reliability as we’ve only had it in for a day.

    Main reasons we went for VoIP:

    – Needed a landline number for my wife’s business in the UK…for receiving inbound.

    – Use Speedline card for making call overseas. Use this card, via Vonage (on free local call set up)…cheaper than Vonage International call rates.

    – wanted lowest possible monthly charge: we’re on the 14.99 per month plan

    – Caller ID was amazing…i called the new Vonage provided number and it came with my full name and number on the Vonage end.

    The SunRocket 100 minutes of international calling per month free does sound good though.

    See this forum for Skyrocket users:


  2. MSDN Archive says:

    I can’t speak highly enough of Vonage.

    I registered online; two days later the Little Black Box arrived. I connected it to a free node on my switch; I’m running a decently sophisticated network at home.

    It DHCP’ed an address right away and made itself at home.

    I told ISA Server which ports (all UDP, a range of 10K plus some specific ones) to publish for it and VOILA, no problems.

    I’ve not had a single interruption in service and the quality’s been great.

    MAN did it ever feel good to cancel the lousy phone company–who, by the way, has been ripping me off 100 bucks for a service that SHOULD cost about 25…Hm, about what Vonage charges.

    Imagine that.

  3. Simon asks about VoIP solution – so here is my tip: Systinet has been using Vonage for cca two years and we are satisfied. Using Vonage saves us thousands of dollars a month as we have one office in Czech and the other in USA. I personally have one Vonage phone at my house in Prague (having the US number…

  4. smguest says:

    Well, I’ve decided to go with SunRocket (http://www.sunrocket.com). Package comes in 5 – 7 days. Will let y’all know how it goes…


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