Japan Strategic Architect Forum 2005

I am in Odawara, Japan this week at the Microsoft Japan Strategic Architect Forum (SAF) 2005.  Odawara is about an hour west of Tokyo - on the coastline and just south of Mt Fuji.  We arrived yesterday, and I've the opportunity to take a few days vacation in Japan before the conference.


At this years SAF I have multiple sessions:  A usual slot on Web Services Interoperability, plus two sessions on Microsoft's Technology Roadmap and Case Studies for Smart Clients.  The first one is always interesting as attendees tend to have many different questions depending on the products that interest them. 


I've just finished the first day and it's been a great trip so far - also providing me the opportunity to brush up on the "pigeon Japanese" that I know.  One thing I've promised myself is to find someway of continuing the momentum when I get back to the US.  I have Japanese lessons on a frequent basis, but maybe I need to do more to become more fluent.  Ideas anyone? 😉

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