Asia Pacific Strategic Architect Forum 2005 – Day 2

My session on "Microsoft and Interoperability" seemed to go pretty well on Wednesday. 


Despite the 8:15am start, there still seemed to be an audience of 75 or so attendees.  I put together a deck that talks to the 6 areas of interoperability - namely Network, Data, Programmatic, Process, Identity and Management.  I weaved in a demo into each area and finished by building an aggregate service of all the demos and taking it into a single UI - based on the November CTP drop of Avalon. 


Here's a quick screenshot of the "final" product (click for full image):



The above shows a carousel control in Avalon, developed by MSR and others in Beijing.  Karsten Januszewski (a fellow DPE colleague) and I have been working on extending this, showing how the control can be used in other business applications. 


The demo I showed here was for a prototype of a "bill payer" system, where I can see accounts that I have together with a relationship for bills that I need to pay.  IMO, the carousel works a little better for more hierarchical structures (personnel directories etc.), but it was a good way of showing Interop with a dynamic UI.

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