Interoperability Month – Sign up Now!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy.  I've been pre-recording some demo sessions for Interoperability month, which officially kicks off next week.  I've been aiming to create recordings that get to the "metal" of how to achieve Web Services interop between a number of different vendors - rather than skrit around the issue with Powerpoint slides.  We'll see how successful this is at the launch next week, but it's been fun compiling these.

If you are not yet registered for Interoperability month - do it now!  It takes a couple of minutes and I there's a free book in it! 

Here's the official blurb:

Interoperability Month begins January 18 - are you tuned in? Microsoft announces a month-long webcast series focusing on interoperability – why it matters to the business, common strategies and methods, and guidance on specific implementation scenarios between the major platform players. This series will feature over 40 webcasts, cool giveaways, and brand-new technical guidance from Microsoft. Register at !

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