Off Topic: Blog Reloaded

I have some vacation time to take at the end of this month.  Aside from generally relaxing with the family and doing stuff around the house, I'm thinking it could be a good opportunity to "reload" my blog.  Some of the posts and categories need a little clean up, I'd like to make a formal section of useful links for articles, and have other ideas.

You are obviously reading this post - what would *you* like to see here?  The general theme of posts is definitely going to remain around Interop for the time being, but:

- What would you like to see more or less of?  More articles, code samples, tools?  What's missing?

- What are the burning topics related to Interop that could be of interest?  I tend to shy away from competitive issues (.NET vs J2EE) for my own sanity, but is this something that could be useful?  How about the evolution of the Interop theme into other subjects (e.g. connected systems, grid computing etc.)?

- Finally how about the name?  I'm getting a little tired of the current one.  I have a couple of ideas, but would love to hear more.  Best idea wins a cappuccino from the Microsoft cafeteria <g>

Look forward to your feedback.  Email or feedback to this post is welcome.

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  1. Sheeshers says:

    From a newbie perspective, there are tons of how-to sites out there (including MSDN) that state how interoperability works and that help people like me learn the ropes.

    What would be highly appreciated from experienced developers and designers such as yourself is some blogging on pitfalls that might be a "c’mon you should know this" kinda thing for your tier of programmers but are "learnt it the hard way" issues for junior interoperability geeks. You would essentially be sharing your experiences when you were getting your feet wet with this stuff.

    Real experience != books and textual knowledge. 🙂

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