Off Topic: Memories of the ZX81

At Thanksgiving yesterday a family friend was asking how I “got in” to computers…   Wow, this took me back. My parents bought me my first computer for a joint birthday and Christmas gift (a common scenario when your birthday is 5 days before Christmas day!).  It was my 8th birthday, just over 22 years ago…


Chris on Managing Security Context Tokens (SCTs) in a Web Farm

Chris Keyser (whose office is actually next to mine) releases a new MSDN article on “Managing Security Context Tokens in a Web Farm”.  This is something that he’s been working on for the past few months, and is definitely worth the read for those looking to extend the WSE 2.0 implementation of WS-SecureConversation.


Pre-register for Interop Month!

Interested in interoperability?  Want to see some best practices, focused technical guidance and (of course) have a chance to win some cool giveaways? Microsoft announces “Interoperability Month” – a month long Web cast series focusing on interoperability – why it matters to business, common strategies and methods, and guidance on specific implementations scenarios between major…


Contract First using BizTalk Server 2004

Jesús explains how to use a contract first approach with BizTalk Server 2004 – especially using the BPEL4WS standard and BPEL import wizard provided by the product.  Interesting read.


SoapMail released to GDN workspace

Damon Cole has updated the SoapMail sample to work with WSE 2.0, and posted it to a GotDotNet workspace.  This updated sample shows a SoapMail router that receives incoming mail messages with the soap.mail URI addressing scheme, and forwarding it to an internal HTTP based service.


Sun release JWSDP 1.5

Sun have released JWSDP 1.5.  New features that have a bearing on interoperability include WS-Security (now out of EA) and v1.0.4 of JAXB.  I’ll be creating a new version of the WS-Security interoperability article for this release in the coming weeks. 


Certificate issues with WSE/JWSDP WS-Security article

A few people have asked me about using their own X.509 certificates after reading the WSE/JWSDP WS-Security article on the MSDN Interop Home page.  It appears that although the supplied sample certificates work just great, things can go bad when you try and use your own.   After chatting with the folks at Sun, it appears…


webMethods Integration World – San Diego

On Wednesday I attended webMethods Integration World in San Diego, where I spoke on a panel discussing Web Services interoperability.  Joining me on the panel: ·         Mark Hapner, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems·         Ian White, Micro Focus·         Andy Astor, VP, webMethods Audience participation was great (approx 150) and a varied set of questions kept the attrition…


Contract First Web Services Interoperability with IBM WebSphere

Dino Chiesa and team release a new article on MSDN covering Contract First interoperability with IBM WebSphere.  Dino’s approach echoes much of the discussion currently around Schema, Message, Data and Code first development for Web Services.   Definitely a recommended read: This is now also in the articles section on the MSDN Web Services Interoperability home page.


Interop Bloggers!

A couple of discovered blogs with Interop in mind: Dino’s DotNetInterop blog Chris Green’s Interoperability blog Subscribed!