WseTrace 1.0.5

I have now uploaded a new version of WseTrace to a GotDotNet workspace. 

For those that haven't seen the previous version, WseTrace is a small utility to graphically display and manage the trace files created by WSE 2.0.  It is designed to be:

-          Easy to run and copy between machines (a single .exe)

-          Very easy to setup (i.e. nothing to install)

-          Transport Independent (works with any protocol inc soap.tcp)

-          Free of any modifications to app.config or other files

This new version supports WS-Security validation (something that I found very useful when creating my WSE <-> JWSDP article).  Within the tool it is now possible to both view the signing certificate and validate the signature for signed messages. 

I've also added some icon support (easy to see whether messages are plain text, signed, encrypted or faults) and some documentation.

Feedback welcome!

Comments (8)

  1. noel says:

    why cant I locate the trace tool. Keeps sending me to default page on Gotdotnet site

  2. Simon says:


    I think the problem is affecting all workspaces on GDN. Hopefully temporary.



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