WS Interoperability Tip of the Week. What’s wrong with this?

This week's tip is in two parts.  First comes the question: 

Scenario: You are creating your first Web service.  You have been told to create a service that accepts a price (which for this example can be a float) and return a boolean.  You are working in Java, but you know that you want to expose the Web service to a number of .NET clients.  Interoperability of this service is key to the success of the project.

You start by creating your method:

public boolean MyWebMethod(float price)


      //some code goes here     

       return true;



Although technically this may work, there are potentially two things wrong with this approach - especially if you are designing with interoperability in mind.  What?

Answer tomorrow...

Comments (2)

  1. Uwe says:

    Probably the ‘boolean’ and ‘float’ data types are not spec-compliant?

    Or ‘true’ is platform dependent on its numeric value?

    Or is it that "Java"-thing that’s wrong to you? 😀

  2. DotWind Blog says:

    the problem is with the mapping of the java primitive types to c# types

    this document explains it better than i will ever be able to

    <i>scroll down a bit to find the solution</i>

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