PocketPC Top 5 Free Utilities

After my battery ran out last night (a problem with an SDIO driver I was using), I had the enviable task of re-installing all my PocketPC applications.  While doing this, I thought I would take the opportunity to list my top five free applications and utilities I just can't live without...

1.  IcBar - Provides the ability to actually close applications on the PPC instead of moving them to the background.  Keeps you in control of what is running and also adds some additional menu functionality.

2.  BatMemTime - Displays gauges on the home page for battery life, free memory, CF space etc.  Also shows uptime of the PPC since last soft reset.

3.  Remote Display Control - required for showing demos of the PocketPC to an audience.

4.  PocketDict - this is great for looking up those words you don't know (especially in meetings 🙂

5.  Pocket KanaBuddy - a great flash card tool for those studying Katakana or Hiragana.

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