Resetting my blog and changing gears...


Welcome to my small slice of the vast internet database. I am resetting my blog and starting from scratch after a long break from posting anything. I thought I would start with a short bit about me and what you might come to expect from this space.

I have the privilege of working for one of the best companies in the world (Microsoft) and working with some of the smartest people, most exciting and powerful platforms and just all out cool tech. I am Technology Solutions Professional focused on Windows client, which in layman's terms means I get to talk technical shop with our South Central Enterprise customers about great technologies like Windows 10, our Enterprise Mobility Suite, Security and Office 365. It is my job to help our customers realize their vision through technology and work with them on the Digital Transformation journey that we are all a part of in today's modern computing landscape. I began my technology career as a developer and still have some code in me somewhere looking to come out, hence the pseudo code titles :). I have a passion for aligning a company's business goals to technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and attacking the tough challenges head on.

I am a sucker for pre-released software so at any given time there is likely more preview code running on my Surface Pro 4 than released code. I think of it as doing my part to help work out the bugs so you don’t have to and I get the bragging rights that I'm at the front of the innovation curve. With that, I am hoping some nuggets shared in this blog help you prepare for what is coming and stay up to speed on new things. If I can save you a couple minutes of digging for it, even better.


With that [method call], this post officially kicks off the 'reset' of my blog and my first real post is coming soon!

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