The DLR is Announced

More announcements from MIX this time around the Dynamic language Runtime. The blog to read is: This is awesome innovation in our .NET Framework to reach out to less strongly typed/dynamicly typed languages.


It’s not all about MIX/Silverlight

So much else is also going on.   Longhorn Beta 3 with IIS 7 and PowerShell has shipped (importantly with a go-live licence) (product page) (IIS 7 go-live)   Visual Studio ‘Orchas’ Beta 1 is out in the wild (with LINQ, New Web Design Surface, ASP .NET Ajax, …) it’s a very significant release, we can’t wait…


MIX – a 72 hour conversation

So I’ve sent Nigel up to MIX with a bunch of NZ customers – I’m sure they are having a great time 😉  He’s already done a few posts one specifically on getting ready for the conference.   Lots has been going on in our product teams recently and MIX is a way for some of…