XNA Game Studio Express – Make your own game

Now I do love my XB0x 360 – I don’t get a huge amount of time to play on it but it is a fantastic machine. We have launched XNA Game studio so that people can create game for the XBox360 and Windows.  Yeah baby… http://msdn.microsoft.com/directx/XNA/gse/ Tutorials http://xna101.spaces.live.com/  


My Wellington Trip – How many customers can you see in 2 days ;)

I’m currently in Wellington for a number of customer meetings and events. Yesterday my team ran the following: ·         Microsoft Research Round table – for heads of department teaching IT, it was a good meeting and we discussed pretty evenly three key things: o   Getting more people to enroll in IT study to boost student…


Visual Studio Team System Resources (VSTS)

I’m very proud of Visual Studio Team System and what Microsoft have done here – I’ve blogged about it in the past a reasonable amount (between my big gaps).    It is worth stating that tools like this take more then just installing to get the most out of them (you get a huge amount from…


Keeping the team busy

We are on the road again currently ·         Designer meetings with Nigel – registration link ·         Architect Councils with Mark ·         User Group Meetings with Darryl – registration link ·         Business Desktop deployment with Nathan ·         Microsoft Research Asia with Paul ·         Channel Education and Tools meetings with Mark/Dean


Wow – it’s been busy, I think I always say that, but it really has been…

Since I last blogged there have been a  few updates to my team. ·         Mike Zeff – jointed the team as the Developer Advisor for Software Vendors (ISV’s) ·         Dean Edwards – joined the team as marketing manager ·         Mark Walton – jointed the team (on a contract basis) at the developer tools sales person…


TechEd ‘Live’ is live

With TechEd NZ selling out 8 weeks early one of my challenges has been to work out how to get the TechEd message out to more people.  To assist with this we have launched a new site called TechEd ‘Live’ – www.techedlive.co.nz.   On this site you will get: A broadcast of the keynote Daily…


TechEd New Zealand is a sell-out

It’s been a manic few weeks here at Microsoft – a lot is going on and today we closed our financial year.  I might do a post over the next few weeks as I think we have had an amazing year in terms of products and achievements…   But I digress – lets get back…


TechEd – Selling Fast

Today 1 week after opening earlybird ticket sales we have hit our 260th registration (yes two hundred and sixty people already!). This is unprecedented demand for this event – it’s great news for the event and shows the level of passion out there. If you have not registered yet, then get a move on… We…


I’m on holiday

I’m about to go back to the UK for a few (3) weeks – I think my team will be happy to be rid of me for a few weeks and I’m really looking forward to the break – it’s been a savage few weeks. See you all when I get back!


The 2007 Office Suite UI – Why change is good….

A great set of posts that describe the 2007 Office Suite UI changes.  I’m very excited about these changes…   http://blogs.msdn.com/jensenh/archive/category/11720.aspx   Note – correction I had an incorect link before