Growing the Developer & Platform Strategy Team – Again:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again 2006 will be a huge year for our team.  VS2005 and SQL2005 will have hit the streets (November 7 2005) and Windows Vista and Office 12 preparations will be in full swing… 


As a result the team is growing – again….


I have 3 vacancies currently that I need to fill and I will be advertising these soon.   We have a recruitment company working on these and I will post the details.


  1. Developer Tools Solution Specialist

  2. Student Developer Evangelist (Intern)

  3. Architect Evangelist


I’ve also just in the process of taking on the account management functions for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) within Microsoft NZ. 


Historically I’ve been responsible for the ISV technical strategy across both Australia and New Zealand.  So I’ve now taken on the entire spectrum in NZ.


I should point out when I say taken on I really mean I’ve got a couple of very competent team members helping me 😉  So (when full) the team includes the following roles:


  • Chief Randomiser – Sean McBreen

  • Architect Advisor – Mark Carroll/Ulrich Roxburgh

  • Developer Advisor – Nigel Parker/Darryl Burling

  • IT Professional Advisor – Nathan Mercer

  • Academic Advisor – Paul Lo/Vacant Intern

  • TechEd Project Manager- Carol Ainger

  • ISV Account Management – Gareth Baker

  • Developer Tools Solution Specialist - Vacant

  • Administrative Assistant – Harriet Hendl


While I’m talking the broad team it would be remiss of me not to mention Shuk Can who works in Australia and is the real driving force in getting ISV’s early adopting our technology.

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  1. Mark says:

    Professional curiousity. Where does security fit in the above rolls?

    Architect, development, deployment?

    All three? 🙂



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