Want to be work at Microsoft NZ’s – I’m hiring

I though I might follow my Australian college’s lead and advertise here in my blog…


Within the Microsoft NZ Developer and Platform Strategy team we have a couple of vacancies.  I’ll start with the role of Developer Advisor (Evangelist).  Do you have a:


  • Passion for developers and development technology
  • Proven history with development tools and processes
  • Track record of helping others to adopt technology


IMO - It’s an awesome role, you get to work with Microsoft’s most cutting edge developer products (Whidbey, Burton, Yukon, Avalon, Indigo, Longhorn) and be the person who brings these to the local audience.  You also will be working to develop the local community by presenting to our customers and partners though Microsoft and community related events.


If you are interested apply now on this page and your CV will go though to our recruitment team.  I should also point out that we can only review applicants who have New Zealand citizenship or who have a New Zealand work permit.

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  1. R says:

    What sort of experence would you be looking for, in years say? I’m sort of iterested in knowing more about this, but don’t want to put alot of effort into it, if i’m not in the ball park. What sort of things would you expect to see to qualify the third point?


  2. Want to open a Christchurch office? :}

  3. SMcBreen says:


    I only wish we had a CHCH office I’m a CHCH boy myself and you’d have to fight me for that role 😉

  4. SMcBreen says:


    Ideally you would have 5+ years of commercial experience working with a number of different customers.

    Good examples of helping others to adopt technology etc would include Blog’s you write, User Group sessions you have been to spoken at. Internal evangelism within an organisation with the goal of adopting a new product. Just really an example that you understand how to motivate people to adopt technology and that you understand what their key concerns would be.

  5. R says:

    Thanks for the clarification sean, I’m very tempted to apply, I enjoy hangingaround in newgroups and giving presentations. But I decided not to due to (a) I quite enjoy my current job, and (b) I’m (just) scraping the bottom of the "commercial experence" barrel (although I do have "senior" in my current job title).

    If you have trouble getting someone with a good track record with helping others, then I’ll be reading your blog :-), and as an Aucklander it shouldn’t be to hard to meet me.


  6. Hi Sean,

    I was just wondering if this worked out well for you? I am a Recruiter with a strong interest in recruiting through blogging. Were you able to hire someone through posting on your blog?


    Steven Kempton

    09 832 8224


  7. SMcBreen says:

    Hi Steven,

    Yes I had a pretty good response rate from placing this blog entry with very high quaility candidates comming forward.



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