The Age of Spiritual Machines

I’ve just finished reading the bulk of Ray Kurzwell’s book and it’s been pretty interesting.  The book focuses on the cultural effects of computers as Morres Law accelerates into 2009, 2019, 2029 and finally into 2099. 


Ray shows huge passion in describing how Software and computers will affect all of our lives – I’d thoroughly recommend a read if you wonder what could be next for computing and how it will affect our lives in the future…


ps. thanks RH for the recommendation.

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  1. Nigel Parker says:

    Canadian band "our Lady Peace", were so interested in that book that they wrote a whole album about it… the album is pretty good.

    "While Spiritual Machines is not strictly a concept record, much of the CD’s lyrics were inspired by the Ray Kurzweil’s book The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence. That explains the spoken-word bits–performed by Mr. Kurzweil himself–between some songs, as well as the general themes of spirituality, and technology versus humanity, that permeate the music and lyrics. "Are You Sad?" is soaring, layered, and almost churchlike, while "Middle of Yesterday" is a cool cut with dynamic, machinelike musicality matched with an acoustic warmth. "Life," with its nearly a cappella intro moving into gently chiming musicality and spare drums, is another dramatic (but not overblown) entry in an album that’s sure to garner fan adulation for its diverse intensity. Nonetheless, Spirtual Machines is an accomplished, creative, and fully realized effort from this gratifying, nearly decade-old Canadian lineup. –Katherine Turman "

  2. SMcBreen says:

    Wow – I’m stunned! I also just listened to a couple of the samples on Amazon (great feature). Not bad… However, I’m still not convinced I’m going to run out and buy that CD however 😉

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