I’m Moving to Redmond

Well it’s probably old news for many people… http://www.microsoft.com/nz/presscentre/articles/2007/newleadership.mspx http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/news/CCD674FACCC2FD78CC25738B007910B2 http://www.geekzone.co.nz/content.asp?contentid=7483 http://m-net.net.nz/2038/latest-news/latest-news/microsoft-nz-announces-top-management-reshuffle.php My family and I are making the move to Redmond at the start of next year.  in fact as I write this blog post I’m sitting in a hotel room in Redmond town centre (Marriott Residence Inn) after being over here for a…


Disaster – Major data loss

Well it’s clear I celebrated too soon – I’ve lost at least 3 months of data, the entire (digital) life record of my daughter – gutted… While my HDD does appear to working as described in the last post, however, the data on the drive is old at least three months old. How did that happen?…


Moments of terror – loosing a HDD and the key data… Well almost!

Wow – I’ve just had a few hours of terror as I cam home to hear my Maxtor Onetouch III 1TB external HDD clicking away and no longer in explorer… SCARY! A few quick searches on the web and looks like I’m toast – so ironic as we have had a few HDD failures in…


I’m Number 10 in the ‘Geekfest’ top 10

A good laugh from Louis: http://blogs.reseller.co.nz/reseller/channelling/2007/08/you_may_very_well_be_at_a_geek.html Can’t remember having my name badge on but it’s very possible 😉 It was a great event and we have updated TechEd Live (www.techedlive.co.nz) with even more stuff now.


Final US OOXML Voting Result – Yes with Comments

This is already everywhere, but I thought worth repeating for readers of my blog. On the 24th the results of the United States vote for Open XML were made public. The INCITS Executive Board approved a “Yes with comments”  position in a 12-3-1 (yes, no, abstain) outcome.   Here is a screen shot of the vote…


Who Made the Ecma Office Open XML Standard

Another common question… Ecma Office Open XML was developed over the course of a year at Ecma International with input via Ecma’s Technical Committee 45 (TC45), which included information technology companies (Apple, Intel, Novell, Microsoft, NextPage, Toshiba), reputable government institutions that archive documents (The British Library, the U.S. Library of Congress) and power users of…


People Implementing Ecma Office Open XML

Over on Rod’s blog the comments wage on and there is another common question popping up – ‘no one can implement this standard other than Microsoft’. Luckily this is not true – we even have people in NZ who have used it to render documents and build solutions.  Implementing the entire standard is not easy…


IPR on Ecma Office Open XML

One of the first comments on Rod’s blog related to IPR on Ecma Office Open XML.  Here is a quick explanation of how we handle this.. There is a great deal of confusion on the IPR points in relation to the Ecma Office Open XML standard.  We [Microsoft] have provided assurances for full or partial…


My top 4 questions on Ecma Office Open XML and simple answers

There are a number of common questions in relation to this standardisation effort that I’ve heard many times – these are my short answers to each: Do other standardised document formats not exist today?Yes, in fact there are actually many different and at times overlapping formats that exist today, for instance PDF/A, ODF and HTML…


Why have another document standard?

There are a number of great reasons for this – but the first and most important point to make is that Ecma Office Open XML is already a standard today ratified by Ecma.  The current discussion is whether it should be ratified as an international (ISO/IEC) standard.  Not to mention there are many ISO approved document…