How to retrieve stored procedure return values from TableAdapter

If you’ve been wondering why you are not able to access stored procedure return values from TableAdapter, here’s the solution for you. I will use tbTasks table and spInsertTask stored procedure to demonstrate the solution.  You can see definitions for both below. CREATE TABLE dbo.tbTasks (        intID INT NOT NULL IDENTITY(1,1),        strName VARCHAR(100)…


Splitting Typed DataSets from TableAdapters – Sharing Validation Code across the tiers

You’re building a Smart Client application.  You want this Smart Client to be smart enough to provide validation feedback to the user as they enter information.  However, in order to make the application scale to thousands of users you can’t open connections directly to the database from the client because you’re server can’t handle that…


Embedding SQL Server Express into Custom Applications

Rob Walters, from the SQL Team, and I worked on an article for working with SQL Express in Windows Forms applications.  There are a couple of quirks when it comes to Click Once that have been included in this MSDN article. Steve


How do I get to the generated code?

In order to get to the code that is auto-generated by Visual Studio, follow these steps:            1. In the menu, select View -> Solution Explorer            2. In Solution Explorer, click the “Show all Files” icon at the top            3. Expand the file (e.g. Dataset1.xsd) that you want the generated code for             4. Double click on the corresponding Designer file (e.g. Dataset1.Designer.vb) to open…


Data Sources window is inactive in Design View

On certain machines, after installing Visual Studio 2005, the contents of the Data Sources window disappears when a design surface that allows drag and drop from the Data Sources window is active. For example, the Windows Forms designer, User Control Designer, etc… The cause of this issue is how VS processes the list of associated…


Working with local databases

Overview In Visual Studio 2005 we added a number of features to help developers build and deploy applications that need a local data store. Here’s a quick peek at how it works. In order to work with a local database file, you can simply add the file to your project (e.g. using the Project/Add Existing…

Drag Once w/Custom Controls

Article written for CoDe magazine describing how to customize the controls listed in the Data Sources Window for Drag Once Databinding Steve


Drag Once Databinding

Article written for CoDe magazine relating to the Drag Once Databinding features in Smart Client Applicaitons Steve

Increasing query time-outs with TableAdapters

Tuning your SQL queries for the best performance can be part of life when you’re writing a database application. Sometimes life is hard, and you just can’t get things running as quickly as you’d like. With the default command time-out at 30 seconds, how do you use a TableAdapter to execute methods without timing out…