Splitting Typed DataSets from TableAdapters – Sharing Validation Code across the tiers

You’re building a Smart Client application.  You want this Smart Client to be smart enough to provide validation feedback to the user as they enter information.  However, in order to make the application scale to thousands of users you can’t open connections directly to the database from the client because you’re server can’t handle that…


Working with local databases

Overview In Visual Studio 2005 we added a number of features to help developers build and deploy applications that need a local data store. Here’s a quick peek at how it works. In order to work with a local database file, you can simply add the file to your project (e.g. using the Project/Add Existing…

Drag Once w/Custom Controls

Article written for CoDe magazine describing how to customize the controls listed in the Data Sources Window for Drag Once Databinding http://www.code-magazine.com/Article.aspx?quickid=0411071 Steve


Drag Once Databinding

Article written for CoDe magazine relating to the Drag Once Databinding features in Smart Client Applicaitons www.Code-Magazine.com/Article.aspx?quickid=0409051 Steve

The little database that could. Deploying SQL Mobile as a local / single user database across Microsoft Mobile devices

UPDATE – April 6th 2006, Paul Flessner announced that SQL Mobile will released as SQL Server Everywhere Edition.  http://www.microsoft.com/sql/letter.mspx This will be the first of a several part series of blogicles that cover some of the thinking we’re doing around the Occasionally Connected scenarios, and what you can do today with Visual Studio 2005.   …ok,…