How to retrieve stored procedure return values from TableAdapter

If you’ve been wondering why you are not able to access stored procedure return values from TableAdapter, here’s the solution for you. I will use tbTasks table and spInsertTask stored procedure to demonstrate the solution.  You can see definitions for both below. CREATE TABLE dbo.tbTasks (        intID INT NOT NULL IDENTITY(1,1),        strName VARCHAR(100)…


SQL Server Everywhere – SQL Mobile Unleashed

Today Paul Flessner announced that SQL Mobile will be released as SQL Server Everywhere Edition. Details are yet to be announced.  But to get a feel for what the new product will do, check out this walkthrough: The little database that could. Steve

Splitting Typed DataSets from TableAdapters – Sharing Validation Code across the tiers

You’re building a Smart Client application.  You want this Smart Client to be smart enough to provide validation feedback to the user as they enter information.  However, in order to make the application scale to thousands of users you can’t open connections directly to the database from the client because you’re server can’t handle that…


Relation Dialog: Relation Only, or with Foreign Key Constraint?

Using the Relation Dialog, you are asked to choose Relation Only, Foreign Key Constraint Only, or Both.  Which is the right choice?  “Relation Only” makes available the tables related to the table that you are working with.  This means that if you are working with, for example, both a Customers table with CustomerID as primary…


VSLive San Francisco Presentations

At VSLive I presented two sessions.  One for Occasionally Connected Smart Clients and another on Advancements in Data Access.   The Occasionally Connected Smart Client session focused on what we’re working on post VS 2005.  Some of which should be in Orcas, some of which will follow afterwards.  Mostly the session was about providing an overview…