How do I get to the generated code?

In order to get to the code that is auto-generated by Visual Studio, follow these steps:
            1. In the menu, select View -> Solution Explorer
            2. In Solution Explorer, click the “Show all Files” icon at the top
            3. Expand the file (e.g. Dataset1.xsd) that you want the generated code for 
            4. Double click on the corresponding Designer file (e.g. Dataset1.Designer.vb) to open up the generated code

From there, you can read and edit the underlying code.

~ Yun Zhou

Comments (1)

  1. jcnovoa says:

    I am able to use CodeDom to generate an XSD from a SP, but in some SP I need to pass a paramter, and I see the designer generates a TableAdapter to Fill, GetData(@Param), is it possible to use CodeDom to generate this TableAdapter, so when I use xsd.exe to generate my classes I get my whole data access layer autogenerated, every time changes happen to by SQL dB? Just need some direction that this is possible to accomlish outside the IDE.


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