PDC05 – Windows Forms: Occasionally Connected Smart Clients

At PDC I presented a session covering Occasionally Connected Smart Clients that can leverage SQL Server Mobile, RDA, ClickOnce running in the background.  The sample contains some early thinking on where we're heading post Whidbey, in addition to what can be done today with Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey).

Code Samples for August CTP of Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey )


SQL Server 2005 Database file


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  1. Venki says:

    Does this need August CTP(and Framework that comes with that) to run?? Can i run this on July CTP?

    i tried to compile on July CTP but i got hell lot of compilation errors.any help??

  2. Mitch says:

    Hi Steve,

    I attended your PDC session and had a follow up question.

    You mentioned there is going to be a sync api that will simplify common sync tasks. Is this something that you are looking at releasing as a Application Block or as part of Orcas?

    BTW: I really enjoyed the session. A lot of great real world examples.

  3. Allen says:

    Hi Steve,

    I attended your PDC05 session and enjoyed it it a lot. My team has been looking at developing a smart client app and have been throwing around ideas about how to handle the off-line scenario. I liked the look of SQL Mobile but we can’t use that since our users will be using laptops, not tablets. What’s your thoughts on just serializing our entity objects on the user’s laptop when the user goes offline? Is there any cons to this idea? Limitations? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



  4. SmartClientData says:

    New sync API’s:

    We haven’t yet figured out the ship vehicle yet as we’re still working on the overall API. While it is possible, I’m not sure how realistic this is as the work we’re thinking of isn’t something we normally ship source for.

    However, we certainly want to get something out soon, so we’ll just have to see how fast we can make progress, and what dependencies we’ll have.


  5. Paolo says:

    it’s very interesting… i’ve build a simple example using RDA embedding sql mobile in my desktop client (windows xp sp2 fr.2)…

    It works fine and it is very easy to develop.

    My question is: could i deploy a solution for my customers that have win2000 as client?


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