Working with local databases

Overview In Visual Studio 2005 we added a number of features to help developers build and deploy applications that need a local data store. Here’s a quick peek at how it works. In order to work with a local database file, you can simply add the file to your project (e.g. using the Project/Add Existing…

Drag Once w/Custom Controls

Article written for CoDe magazine describing how to customize the controls listed in the Data Sources Window for Drag Once Databinding Steve


Drag Once Databinding

Article written for CoDe magazine relating to the Drag Once Databinding features in Smart Client Applicaitons Steve

Increasing query time-outs with TableAdapters

Tuning your SQL queries for the best performance can be part of life when you’re writing a database application. Sometimes life is hard, and you just can’t get things running as quickly as you’d like. With the default command time-out at 30 seconds, how do you use a TableAdapter to execute methods without timing out…


Setting NullValue property for typed dataset

 In Whidbey DataSet designer, you are able to set Typed DataColumn’s NullValue property to the following values if the DataType is string 1 (Empty)                     2 (Nothing) (null for C#) 3 (Throw exception) 4 any string you can type in. The first three options are noticeable in the designer’s property browser dropdown. (Select a DataColumn and…

Navigating a large DataSet with the Document Outline – Zoom

In 2005 we now have a new DataSet Designer.  While we had planned to implement Zoom functionality it turned out to be more difficult then we had hoped.  Long term we plan to leverage the new design framework that’s used by the Class designer.  However, this infrastructure wasn’t completed earlier enough for our team to…