Thank you! Steve!

Thanks Steve to create a new home for us.

By the way, I am Zhiyong (aka John Chen), I am the developer for the DataSet designer in Whidbey.

I like to blog something but I'm afread that I will ruin Steve's pretty home. So I created my own real junky-log in MSN Space, just jogging down something really quick in my daily work. When I have more time, I will polish it then add to this home.

If you don't mind, check this out first and see if you like it.

志勇(Zhiyong) (fka John)

It means live with a big bold goal.

(I will use this name from now on as there are several John Chens in Microsoft and make me not unique)

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  1. SmartClientData says:

    See Johns post for an explination of how we use .xsd for both the new DataSet designer and the 2003 XSD Schema designer.

    FWIW the DataSet designer just happens to serialize into an XSD type format. We’re really not trying to be a class generator for any type of XSD. In Whidbey we were going to change the extension of the dataset designer serialization file from .xsd to something like .dataset but we just didn’t have the time. The point being these XSD’s and DataSets are not necessarily the same beast. This is why we now have the logic to open the appropriate designer based on the content of the XSD.


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