A new home

For those that have been following our team under the VB Team blog, you've found our new home.  Why did we move?  There were many of us that weren't that into blogging way back when.  One of our previous team members, Robert Green, set up a team blog that we could easily add content to without having to maintain a blog site.  After posting a lot of answers to questions from Ladybug and other forums on my blog I was convinced of its value.  One of the great features of Community Server is its ability to use categories.  As I’ve written a number of short and long posts I realized I really needed to break things up into categories.  As it turns out many of the VB Team members have started their own blog as well.  With all the feedback from Tech Ed ’05, and some of the thoughts post Whidbey, it just seemed time to finally split off.

So, here we are, a new home.  Here we’ll continue to talk about all the cool things we’ve done, and all the new things we’ll be doing

Stay tuned...

Steve Lasker

Program Manager

Visual Studio Data Designtime

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