Small Basic 1.2 Released with Kinect Support and Bug Fixes

Michael Scherotter is a Media Experience Evangelist at Microsoft who works with media companies to help them build apps, works with 3D printer manufacturers to help them write drivers, and is part of the Small Basic development team who brought Kinect objects to Small Basic 1.2.  We are excited to announce that a new version…


Small Basic – WebCam Motion Detection

WebCam Extension There has been a webcam object in the LitDev extension (LDWebCam) for a while, and I recently updated it so it works on WIndows 8 as well as earlier versions of Windows. There are some effects like grayscale, snow, gamma, contrast, pixelate, fisheye, swirl etc.  The effects can also be applied to an…


Windows Forms I/O Extension for Small Basic

Note – They took down this project. Gungan’s working on a new version. New features/changes to the Web Forms in version 2.0: Chart control Changed the class’s name to “Forms” instead of “WindowsFormsForSmallBasic”. There is an updated sample with ID: ZQX928.   The information is provided by the Extension creator, Gungan 37… ====================   Hello guys!…


Small Basic Contest Winners!!! – TechNet Wiki Content

A few weeks ago I announced the Small Basic on TechNet Wiki Contest. Last week I provided an update. Today we’re going to announce our winners!   The Microsoft judges were Mike H, Ray FAST, and me. The first category is Best Article. We’re looking for articles that are thorough, visually clear (images might help, but…


Small Basic Extensions Gallery

UPDATED 07/06/16: Added Oculus Rift/Oculus SB. On 03/05/16: Updated the ESL extension links. On 02/28/16: Added Jibba Jabba’s Small Basic Leaderboard, Extended Text Library (by jsakamoto), Fast 2D Graphics (by FuleSnabel), Kinect (by Synergist), Neural Network (by EzyMCP), and SquareBasic (by Benedikt Muessig). On 01/31/16: Added Fremy’s Extension as a featured extension. On 11/2/15: Added LitDev and EV3 Basic….