Tap into Small Basic Forum

When you are learning Small Basic programming, you may stack on your debugging.  I recommend to utilize lots of resources about Small Basic as following steps. Search in TechNet Wiki.  Small Basic Portal may help you. Search in Small Basic Forum. Ask question in Small Basic Forum. To search in Small Basic Forum, (1) use…


API Reference

The Small Basic API reference is now available at: http://doc.smallbasic.com/.  With v0.5, you can view the API reference in your choice of English, Spanish or French.  


Small Basic communities in Russian, Portuguese and Turkish

Community members around the world have put together blogs and forums in various languages.  It’s great to see all the energy and enthusiasm around Small Basic.  Here’s a list of links in languages other than English:  Russian: http://www.smallbasic.ru/Forums: http://forum.smallbasic.ru/ Blog: http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/smallbasic/ Portuguese:Blog: http://smallbasicdicas.blogspot.com/API reference: http://www.smallbasic.com/wiki/documentacao-Api-portugues-br.ashx Turkish:Blog: http://tr.e-uzman.org/category/yazilim/small-basic If you know of more resources on the web for…