Small Basic TextWindow and Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many keyboard shortcuts for TextWindow.Read() operation.  Most of these shortcut keys are the same with the command prompt.  Today’s code is as follows. While “True” TextWindow.Read() EndWhile Standard shortcuts Following keys are standard shortcuts (without Ctrl key shortcuts option). Key Function Enter Input line Alt+Enter Toggle full-screen mode Ctrl+C End program Ctrl+H Back…


Simakov’s Click the button – Small Basic Featured Program

Today I’d like to introduce Simakov Misha’s game “Click the button”. The program ID is DSX769. This program is simple – it has only 97 lines.  And it’s smart to use an array buttonArr to define stages.  Thank you Simakov for sharing this game. Please share your game or program to the following forum thread. …


Search Small Basic Code with Bing

Internet search engines such as Bing are useful to find Small Basic code.  Today I will introduce samples to find simple Small Basic subroutines in the Internet. The first keywords are “Small Basic Split” to find Split function.  A forum thread SmallBasic Split Function will be found. The second keywords are “Small Basic Hex2Dec”.  Some…


Match Colours or Symbols – Small Basic Featured Program

Today’s featured program is “Match colours or symbols” written by Glenn Broadway. Glenn wanted to learn how to use OnKeyDown and OnMouseDown events in the GraphicsWindow so he wrote a simple matching game.  The program ID is PRP467. But he said it seems that FontSize doesn’t work in the Silverlight player.  I tried to fixed this problem…

Method to Convert Binary

Today I’d like to introduce a table to understand how to convert between decimal and binary. ErmiteUrbain made a table to show how Amir CPS’s converter THJ835-1 works. ErmiteUrbain also rewrote Amir’s converter.  The new one is THJ835-2. Thank you ErmiteUrbain for sharing your understanding! Please post your programs or ideas to the forum thread…

Helper to solve Chaos Su Do Ku – Small Basic featured program

Screen shot of suggestion message box in Help for Chaos Su Do Ku
Screen shot of suggestion message box in Help for Chaos Su Do Ku

Today I’d like to introduce a program written by ErmiteUrbain. ErmiteUrbain wrote a program to help to solve Chaos Sudoku.  The program ID is PTX661.  And the information is uploaded in a forum thread Nominate games (or other programs) here to get featured on our Blog! (PART 3).  Chaos Sudoku is a kind of Sudoku (number…

Small Basic – Draw Circle Game

I made a game how accurate circle to draw with mouse.  The program ID is FGM527. Usage: Draw a circle with mouse. Push [OK] button. Check your score. Push [OK] button to continue. Have fun with a Small Basic game!


Traffic Jam Simulation with Small Basic

I wrote a program which simulates traffic jam.  The idea is from Dr. Nishinari’s mathematical research.  The program ID is FHC281. Let’s learn maths with Small Basic!


Reading and Writing HTML with Small Basic

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a rich text format used in the internet.  You can see the rendered text with a browser.  A HTML file is a kind of text file.  So Small Basic can read and write them.  We can use Network.GetWebPageContents() operation to read HTML from the internet.  A Simple HTML code is…


Small Basic Reference Updated in TechNet Wiki

I updated an TechNet Wiki article which contains Small Basic Dictionary object reference. To update this article, I wrote a program SHQ268.  This program parses SmallBasicLibrary.xml (help file) and outputs HTML format for TechNet Wiki.  A line target = “GraphicWindow” in this program sets the object to output. You can also check the output lines of…