Small Basic Game Programming – Bowling Game

I wrote a bowling game program for Challenge of the Month – March 2017.  So, today, I’d like to introduce how to write a bowling game in Small Basic. Create Images At first, I made two images – pin and ball.  I drew them with PowerPoint shapes, grouped them and saved as picture files. Draw Rough Game…


Small Basic – Train

Today, I’d like to introduce Small Basic programs that show trains. Bit Train Games BPF583 by Tryhest click on left lever to select train path click on right lever to open/close path Choo Choo Anim TWD975 by Tryhest TGV Anim RBT198 by Tryhest Train Simulator CKS893 by Nonki Thank you Tryhest for sharing train programs.  I’ve inspired from them…


Tinkering Arduino and Small Basic

Last October, I wrote about Arduino Sample Programs in this blog.  After that I posted a thread to summarize Arduino programs in Small Basic forum. Today I will introduce some images of programs in the thread. LED Simulator NHC457 by Tryhest LED Signal Circuit Graphics GZN399-2 by Nonki LED Simulator (Retouched Ver.) NCH457-0 by YLed VGA Controller…


Small Basic – Artificial Neuron

I wrote a program about simple artificial neuron (PQK191).  This neuron has two inputs x1, x2 and one output y.  And the output can be shown as: y = f(x1*w1 + x2*w2 + b). While, w1, w2 are weights, b is bias and f() is unit step function. f(x) = 1 (x ≧ 0) f(x)…


Small Basic – Kinect Motion Recorder

Screen shot of a program Motion Recorder 0.5
Screen shot of a program Motion Recorder 0.5

I wrote a new program – Motion Recorder (NVH911).  This program uses Kinect sensor to record motion capture data into a text box. Push [REC] button to start recording.  Push [■] button to stop.  Push [▶] button to replay. Have fun!  


Happy New Year with Small Basic

Happy New Year! Today I will write about 2017 new year Small Basic challenges. The first one is December 31st – Special Challenge of the Month.  Now we have three programs for this challenge.  by Tryhest  by YLed  by Nonki The second one is January 2017 – challenge of the Month – Meteor shower Quadrantids.  I…


Algorithm Basics in Small Basic

Algorithm is combinations of code patterns.  Today, I’d like to introduce three basic code patterns.  I also wrote a sample program for this blog: LMR321. Sequence Sequence of statements is the simplest pattern of code.  But sometimes the order of statements becomes very important. Following two code blocks show the different results. Turtle.Move(100)  ‘ move…


Small Basic – Think about Textbox UX

Let’s think about textbox UI (user interface) or UX (user experience). Simple way to use textbox in Small Basic is using button to get text from the textbox.  The sample program ID is MDP504. By the way, pushing button is bothersome, isn’t it?  The next version is using Controls.TextTyped event to get the text.  The program…


Small Basic – November Community Challenges: Guitar Chords, Drawing Freehand, & Subtractive Colors

Building off the November Challenges from LitDev: Small Basic Challenges of the Month (November 2016): Scrolling Text Banner, SB Logo, Turtle Mascot, Tic Tac Toe, and Checkers! We have challenges from the Community members as well!   Guitar chords Here is my suggestion for one of the November Challenges. To draw something like this: if…