GUI Designer – Small Basic Featured Program

Today I’d like to introduce GUI Designer which is created by Roshan Kumar Priya who is a 7th grade student (age 11). This program allows you to create Small Basic GUI.  And the description by Roshan is: GUI in Small Basic is a Graphics editor used to draw basic objects like Ellipse, Rectangle, Controls etc….


Contribute for New Programmers with TechNet Wiki Small Basic Articles

TechNet Wiki is an encyclopedia for Small Basic.  And is also resources for helping new programmers to learn programming.  Why don’t you contribute for new programmers to edit articles in TechNet Wiki? How to Contribute Write Your Own Article Small Basic is a programming language for beginners.  So, basic, easy, fundamental, simple articles about programming…


Small Basic with Xamarin Workbooks

This post introduces Microsoft Small Basic within a Xamarin Workbooks Environment. Xamarin Workbooks is a free, open-source learning environment that has assisted thousands of Windows users in learning and perfecting basic C#. Microsoft is now leveraging the app as a tool for teaching an introductory programming language, Small Basic, in a method readily available to…


Small Basic Guru – Winning Articles for July 2017

Welcome to the July 2017 Small Basic Guru awards! Nonki’s article about graduating to Visual Studio 2017 takes the top spot this month! Small Basic Technical Guru – July 2017  Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Instructions to Graduate and Debug with Visual Studio 2017 SYEDSHANU: “Wow this is great post Nonki, on Small Basic. This article…


Play with micro:bit and Small Basic

BBC micro:bit is a small board computer for kids.   Today I’d like to introduce two programs that communicate between a micro:bit and a PC. The micro:bit side program is thermometer which is programed with JavaScript Blocks Editor.  This program shows temperature at A button clicked and sends temperature to serial port when the temperature…


Small Basic – Mystery of Round Operation

Computer calculation always has some errors.  I wrote following program to investigate how Math.Round operation works.  Guess what type of errors occur in following case. TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round(“2.50000000000000017763568394”))    ‘ 2 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round( 2.5000000000000001776356839401 ))  ‘ 2 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round(“2.500000000000000200000”))         ‘ 2 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round(“2.5000000000000002000”))           ‘ 2 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round(“2.500000000000000200”))            ‘ 2 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round(“2.5000000000000002”))              ‘ 2 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round( 2.5000000000000051 ))              ‘ 2 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round( 2.5000000000000052 ))              ‘ 3 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round(“2.5000000000000001776356839401”))  ‘ 3 TextWindow.WriteLine(Math.Round(“2.50000000000000020”))             ‘ 3 Actuary, I can’t understand…


Small Basic 1.3 Quick Review

Small Basic 1.3 was released on August 7.  The app version is very easy to install from Microsoft Store. The Windows version is coming. Small Basic 1.3 now has the Small Basic Quick Guide in the help pane.  The icon displayed in task bar has been changed.  Sample code to print “Hello World!” appears when…


Small Basic – Graduate with VS2017

I wrote a TechNet Wiki article about Instructions to Graduate and Debug with Visual Studio 2017. This is the way from Small Basic to the newest programming environment. Have fun!