Small Basic – Graduate with VS2017

I wrote a TechNet Wiki article about Instructions to Graduate and Debug with Visual Studio 2017. This is the way from Small Basic to the newest programming environment. Have fun!


Small Basic – Textbox UX (Part 2)

Question: How to show entered words in textbox on any other coordinate “after pressing enter key” was asked by msdn.yogesh last October in Small Basic forum.  And yesterday he asked again: how can i do this with “keyboard enter key”. This question reminds me an idea for using textbox.  The idea is using both a textbox and…

Other Small Basic Systems

There are some other Small Basic programming language systems.  Today, I will introduce three Small Basic systems. Fun Basic Fun Basic is a Windows Store App written by Phil Trelford.  Fun Basic supports Function statement.  See more details here. SB IDE++ SB IDE++ is an another Small Basic environment written by gungan37.  This program can be…


Small Basic – Syntax Highlighter

I wrote a code block formatter SKC235-2 mainly for TechNet Wiki article.  This tool was used also for this blog.  But after MSDN blogs changing to WordPress platform, following issues have came up. gray background color for code redundant spaces between terms (words) Replacing <code> tags to <span> tags will avoid these issues.  Litdev already done…


Small Basic – Pictionary Project

I started new project especially for non-native kids to understand Small Basic keywords with pictures. Purpose Small Basic is a programming language for kids. Little difficult to understand English keywords especially for non-native kids. This project suggests to draw pictures about keywords in Small Basic. Sample Pictures Site Pictionary Project for Small Basic – home…

Small Basic – Musical Score

Once I wrote a program FQH921-0 to show a musical score for Challenge of the Month – March 2016.  Today I rewrote this program not to use PNG file but to use Unicode characters. The new program is FQH921-1. Musical symbols are from U+1D100 in Unicode.  This program uses “Segoe UI Symbol” font to display them.

Small Basic – Binary Quiz

Are you familiar to binary?  Today I will introduce a binary quiz program BGH855-1. Guess hexadecimal or decimal from binary.  Have fun. See Also binary to decimal converter – Small Basic Featured Program (by WhTurner33) How to convert text into Binary Text to Binary Converter – Small Basic Featured Program

Small Basic with PowerShell

Do you know that a Small Basic program can be run as a command? Today I’d like to introduce my CUI (character user interface) program WordList (BKM132-2) and how it will work with PowerShell. WordList This program reads a text file and outputs a word list to the text window.  One way to run this…


Small Basic – Multilayered Perceptron

This is the continued story from Small Basic – Artificial Neuron. Last time, I told about simple perceptron (artificial neuron) can become such as OR, AND and NAND operations.  Single perceptron is able to be drawn as following graph.  The horizontal axis is x1 and the vertical axis is x2.  The light area means y=0 and…


Small Basic – Quilt Show Case

Screen shot of a program Quilt Pattern 2 (FSM153)
Screen shot of a program Quilt Pattern 2 (FSM153)

Quilt program is one of community challenges this month. Let’s go through the posted quilt programs. CMR707 by Evelyn Rothman JLP150 by Nonki CSQ869 by NaochanON CSQ869-1 by Tryhest FSM153 by NaochanON FSD172 by NaochanON Thank you Evelyn for your community challenge.  And thanks guys for sharing your solutions.