Play with Morse Code in Small Basic (1)

There are some Morse code program in Small Basic.  But today I’d like to start creating new Morse program – Morse Telegraph Key.  This program will be a good key input sample. Challenges about Morse code Following three challenges are about Morse code.  And for example, program TCZ203 (by NaochanON) is a solution of a…


Shapes Editor using Polygon for Small Basic

Thanks to NaochanON for writing this blog and Tryhest for contributing updates.  More details on Small Basic forum. Shapes Editor Several Shape editors have been proposed so far, but shape modification and position change (Z-index) of shape are not so easy. I made a shapes editor using Litdev’s Extension, which can easily change its size,…

Small Basic – Quilt Show Case

Screen shot of a program Quilt Pattern 2 (FSM153)
Screen shot of a program Quilt Pattern 2 (FSM153)

Quilt program is one of community challenges this month. Let’s go through the posted quilt programs. CMR707 by Evelyn Rothman JLP150 by Nonki CSQ869 by NaochanON CSQ869-1 by Tryhest FSM153 by NaochanON FSD172 by NaochanON Thank you Evelyn for your community challenge.  And thanks guys for sharing your solutions.  


Small Basic Featured Programs – Multi-Colored Spirals

In the June Challenges, LitDev included a great Graphics Challenge: Graphics Challenge: Draw a multi-coloured spiral   And the challenge began! Coding Cat started us off on June 1st: I love the graphics challenge. It turns out I wrote a double spiral program as one of my first forays into Small Basic. 🙂 Import code: QSP181…

Small Basic – Controls and Challenges

Last and this month, controls challenges are going in the Challenge of the Month.  So today, I’d like to write about Controls. Controls in Small Basic There are three controls in Small Basic – button, text input box and multi-line text input box.  Following sample screen shots are from a program Dictionary 1.2b (ZRS542-0). Button Text…


Small Basic Featured Program – Swimming Shark

Here’s a program from NaochanON:      The August challenges included… Draw a shark swimming   See all the August challenges here:   Have a Small and Basic week!    – Ninja Ed  


Moon Lander – Small Basic Featured Programs

Today I’d like to introduce ‘moon lander’ type programs that came from Challenge of the Month – October 2014.  The challenge was: Game Challenge Write a ‘moon lander’ type program. All these moon landers are controlled by arrow keys.  Have fun! LEM by Coding Cat Program ID TQL943 Here is my submission for the Lander…


Roman Numerals – Small Basic Featured Programs

Today I’d like to pick up programs to calculate Roman numerals from the Small Basic forum. The first ones are described in a forum thread Post your sample source code here and get featured on our blogs! (Part II). SFP007 by Glennium Please enter an integer from 1 to 3999; or ”Return” to quit…2014MMXIV VGR369…


Small Basic Featured Program – Boxing Game

Following on from NaochanON’s shaddow boxing animation recently blogged, he has developed it further into a boxing game. You are the fighter on the left (gray with red gloves) with the computer player on the right (green with blue gloves).   The keys to control your fighter are shown below. Left, Right……walking Up, Down……weaving Space key…..punching…


Shadow Boxing – Featured Small Basic Program

Today, I will introduce a Small Basic program Shadow Boxing written by NaochanON. In this program, a stick man runs and does shadow boxing lightly. The program ID is JNL860.  Have fun! Thank you NaochanON for nominating your animation program. By the way, got a game/program you made that you want us to review for being featured…