Exospheric Freight Service – Small Basic Featured Game

Screen shot of a game EXFS
Screen shot of a game EXFS

Today I’d like to introduce a new 3D game EXFS – Exospheric Feight Service programmed by cvmarus. The program ID is QTN895.  This game requires LitDev Extension  Following message is written by cvmarus in our forum thread.  Thank you cvmarus for sharing your game! Please post your original game or program to our forum…


Simakov’s Click the button – Small Basic Featured Program

Today I’d like to introduce Simakov Misha’s game “Click the button”. The program ID is DSX769. This program is simple – it has only 97 lines.  And it’s smart to use an array buttonArr to define stages.  Thank you Simakov for sharing this game. Please share your game or program to the following forum thread. …


Match Colours or Symbols – Small Basic Featured Program

Today’s featured program is “Match colours or symbols” written by Glenn Broadway. Glenn wanted to learn how to use OnKeyDown and OnMouseDown events in the GraphicsWindow so he wrote a simple matching game.  The program ID is PRP467. But he said it seems that FontSize doesn’t work in the Silverlight player.  I tried to fixed this problem…

Helper to solve Chaos Su Do Ku – Small Basic featured program

Screen shot of suggestion message box in Help for Chaos Su Do Ku
Screen shot of suggestion message box in Help for Chaos Su Do Ku

Today I’d like to introduce a program written by ErmiteUrbain. ErmiteUrbain wrote a program to help to solve Chaos Sudoku.  The program ID is PTX661.  And the information is uploaded in a forum thread Nominate games (or other programs) here to get featured on our Blog! (PART 3).  Chaos Sudoku is a kind of Sudoku (number…

GUI Designer – Small Basic Featured Program

Today I’d like to introduce GUI Designer which is created by Roshan Kumar Priya who is a 7th grade student (age 11). This program allows you to create Small Basic GUI.  And the description by Roshan is: GUI in Small Basic is a Graphics editor used to draw basic objects like Ellipse, Rectangle, Controls etc….


Small Basic + micro:bit

Today is a guest blog post from a teacher, Jez Dean… In this blog post: Build a computer-to-micro:bit connection with Small Basic. Also, see the article from Nonki, Play with micro:bit and Small Basic. See the article, Small Basic: How to Use micro:bit, for another solution from Nonki that moves the Turtle.   You can write…


Small Basic Featured Programs – Multi-Colored Spirals

In the June Challenges, LitDev included a great Graphics Challenge: Graphics Challenge: Draw a multi-coloured spiral   And the challenge began! Coding Cat started us off on June 1st: I love the graphics challenge. It turns out I wrote a double spiral program as one of my first forays into Small Basic. 🙂 Import code: QSP181…

Small Basic – Chord Sounds

This blog is by Small Basic user Yvan Leduc and is based on this Forum Post.  It shows how to play musical chords in Small Basic just using the standard Sound.PlayMusic method. Objective How to play a complete music chord, for example a C major chord, instead of playing the separate notes. Solution A full…


Featured Small Basic Program – XY Graph from Bluegrams!

Download the application here: XY Graph   XY Graph is a function plotting program coded with Small Basic. It is able to plot different types of functions into a simple coordinate system. XY Graph also can create score tables. About XY Graph XY Graph uses the same syntax analysis as 123 Calculator, so big parts…


123 Calculator and Christmas Tree Turtle

123 Calculator & Christmas Tree Turtle It kind of rhymes and certainly repeats. Once again Bluegrams has packed and shipped us 2 ace programs. The rhythm is that all of Bluegrams programs are well written with readable code, robust and presented nicely. This package is diverse. One is a functioning feature rich standard calculator posted…