Small Basic - Errors

I started to write a TechNet Wiki article about errors in Small Basic.  At this point, I wrote about syntax errors and run time errors.  But there might be more errors such like at Publish or Import.  If you know other errors in Small Basic, please let me know or edit the TechNet Wiki article….


Tap into Small Basic Forum

When you are learning Small Basic programming, you may stack on your debugging.  I recommend to utilize lots of resources about Small Basic as following steps. Search in TechNet Wiki.  Small Basic Portal may help you. Search in Small Basic Forum. Ask question in Small Basic Forum. To search in Small Basic Forum, (1) use…


Small Basic Contest Winners!!! - TechNet Wiki Content

A few weeks ago I announced the Small Basic on TechNet Wiki Contest. Last week I provided an update. Today we’re going to announce our winners!   The Microsoft judges were Mike H, Ray FAST, and me. The first category is Best Article. We’re looking for articles that are thorough, visually clear (images might help, but…


How to debug Small Basic programs

Today’s guest blogger is Nonki Takahashi:   About Nonki in his own words: I am an amateur programmer. I used to program with one of BASIC language on an 8-bit micro computer when I was a collage student. At 2010, I started to program with Microsoft Small Basic. And I’m interested in making Go program and…