Arrays in Small Basic

With version 0.5, Small Basic implements native support for arrays. This is a significant change from how arrays were used in v0.4 and so I want to write about the syntax and the functionality of the new arrays. Any variable can be used as an array – no special declaration or setup is necessary. Arrays are…


Spanish Documentation now live

You can now download the Spanish version of “Introduction to programming” guide from: a Small Basic.pdf Diviértete.


Small Basic V0.5 is here

Read more about it: Download:  


The newest, leanest and the meanest is here!

The next installment of the Small Basic Community Previews is now available for download.  Version v0.5 can be downloaded at: This version adds more of the community requested features and bug-fixes, the full list of it is below: Arrays:Small Basic now has native support for arrays.  Array keys are not limited to numbers, and…


Asteroids v2

Following the success of Asteroids v1, the community members have made interesting tweaks and improvements to the game, resulting in Asteroids v2.  This version is available for import from your Small Basic IDE with id, ASTEROIDS. You can see the source code here:  



This week’s sample is Asteroids, written by Jason Jacques.  It’s a really fun game with tons of parameters to tweak.  You can download the program directly into Small Basic using the id QFL408.  The source code listing is also available at:  Honestly, it never ceases to amaze what cool apps everyone’s building on top…


French Documentation is now available

The French version of “Introducing Small Basic” document is now available for download.  Go get it here:


What’s new in v0.4 of Small Basic?

Here’s a complete list of what’s changed in v0.4.  As usual, the fixes and features are based on what the community has requested using the forums.  So, if you would like to see something, feel free to drop a note at: Bug Fixes: Calling GraphicsWindow.Hide() will keep the window hidden until Show() is called….


v0.4 of Small Basic says "Bonjour"

Here it is, finally, the next installment of Small Basic CTP.  Once again, the new v0.4 version comes with a lot of bug fixes, and a new “Timer” object that makes writing games easier.  What really excites me with this release is that Small Basic is completely localizable, and as a start, we’ve localized the…


Sample of the week: Turn ’em Off

This week’s sample is a “Lights Out” style game, developed by DanAwesome.  The game can be imported using the Program id: VDK353. The source code listing is also available at: Here’s a screenshot of the game: