Sample of the week: Turn ’em Off

This week’s sample is a “Lights Out” style game, developed by DanAwesome.  The game can be imported using the Program id: VDK353. The source code listing is also available at: Here’s a screenshot of the game:


Small Basic on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, check out the new group “Friends of Small Basic.”  Feel free to join the group and spread the word.


Sample of the week: Super Pong

This week’s sample is a two-dimensional version of Pong, with 4 paddles which makes it super fun! You can import this program in Small Basic by using the id: MDJ923.  You can also view the source code here: Here are screenshots:


Learning Small Basic

Here’s a cool blog post that teaches programming using Small Basic using a really nicely put-together video:  


Sample of the Week: Bricks

This week’s sample comes from Stendec, who has ported the classic Bricks game over to Small Basic.  The program works on v0.3.1 and can be imported by using the code QRQ360.  You can also see the listing of the source at:  


Announcing v0.3 again!

For some reason, my previous announcement didn’t hit the front-page.  Here it is again!  


Microsoft Small Basic v0.3 is here

The next iteration in Microsoft Small Basic’s pre-release cycle is here.  Once again, we’ve taken feedback from the community and are giving you what you asked for.  So, don’t forget to request your favorite feature in our forums ( Download it here This release features a few features, a bunch of bug fixes and a…


Small Basic is on Channel 9

Charles has just posted an expert-to-expert video interview on Small Basic.  In this video we share lots of details around SmallBasic – the reason why it was created, what choices we as developers had and what paths we chose to take, etc.  Go check it out – the video is avaiable here:  


Tetris – Sample of the Week

Sample of this week is Small Basic Tetris, ported by Kenneth Kasajian.  In all, the program is just about 530 lines long, and is listed after the screenshot.   GraphicsWindow.KeyDown = HandleKey GraphicsWindow.BackgroundColor = GraphicsWindow.GetColorFromRGB( 253, 252, 251 ) While “True” BOXES = 4 ‘ number of boxes per piece BWIDTH = 25 ‘ box…