Star Gates: Sample of the Week

This week’s sample is an adventure in Space – a game called Star Gates, developed by BigDaddyo.  This exciting and fun game takes game programming in Small Basic to the next level – with amazing sound and graphics effects.  You can find the program listing at:  You can also download this program directly into…


Sample of the week: Gorillas

About 20 years ago, Microsoft released MS-DOS 5, and with it shipped a programming language called QBASIC.  One of the samples that came with QBASIC is GORILLAS.BAS.  The game used real-world Physics to make players hit each other with… wait for it… bananas.  Come on, what did you expect from a game where the players…


Small Basic, now in Russian

The Russian localized version of Small Basic went live today, as v0.5.1.  No other change has been made and all the remaining functionality is the same as v0.5 (including English, French and Spanish).  So, if you want Russian, go ahead and download Small Basic from the same location (  As always, please refresh your browser,…


Running localized versions of Small Basic

Have an English Operating System, but want to run the Spanish version of Small Basic?  Yes, you can do that with your current installation – and you don’t even have to install anything extra.  In your Start Menu (or in your Run prompt), type   %programfiles%\microsoft\small basic\sb.exe /l:es-es and hit Enter. This will launch the Spanish…


Color Picker

Color Picker by Suduadib is an example that shows the usage of arrays in Small Basic.  You can import this program using the id: SGS247. Program listing is available at:


API Reference

The Small Basic API reference is now available at:  With v0.5, you can view the API reference in your choice of English, Spanish or French.  


Arrays in Small Basic

With version 0.5, Small Basic implements native support for arrays. This is a significant change from how arrays were used in v0.4 and so I want to write about the syntax and the functionality of the new arrays. Any variable can be used as an array – no special declaration or setup is necessary. Arrays are…


Spanish Documentation now live

You can now download the Spanish version of “Introduction to programming” guide from: a Small Basic.pdf Diviértete.


Small Basic V0.5 is here

Read more about it: Download: