Sorting Visualization in Small Basic

Zeven, a Small Basic forumer has created a very cool sample that visualizes different sorting algorithms.  It is neat to see and compare the efficiencies of the algorithms.  You can download the program directly on to your Small Basic IDE by importing the program id SORTVIZ. Or you can check the program out directly on…


Optical Illusions

LitDev, a very active Small Basic Forum participant has started a thread with a bunch of Small Basic programs that illustrate fascinating optical illusions.  Here are some below – click on the link below the images and you can actually view them on your browser. Go check out the…


Small Basic – Now with SilverLight

One Program, Two Platforms! Did you know that with Small Basic v0.8, you can write a program or a game and have it run identically on both your desktop and the browser?  This makes it super easy to share your games with your friends (even those that may be running a Mac). In fact it…


New home for Microsoft Small Basic

We’re pleased to announce that, after a great year of feedback and updates on Microsoft DevLabs, Small Basic has completed its early incubation period and is moving to a more permanent home at the Microsoft Beginner Developer Learning Center.  Thank you to all of you who have contributed your feedback to Small Basic, and we…


Sample of this week: Snake Bite

Snake Bite is a game created by Davey Wavey, inspired by the SNAKE BITE game on the ZX81.  Check out the program listing and an online playable version of this game at: If you have Small Basic v0.8, you can download and edit this game by importing SNKBITE.   


Announcing Small Basic v0.8, again

We just announced the download availability of the 8th CTP of Small Basic.  Check out for details.


Small Basic v0.8

The eigth and newest installment of Small Basic is now available for download! Check it out here (If the link gives you a previous version, please refresh your browser’s cache and try again.) This release features: Addition of details about your published programs. Rating system for programs published online. Rich formatting based copy (useful for…


Teaching Kids to Code – FREE classes in Jan 2010

Lynn Langit is an active proponent of Small Basic and has been responsible for changing thousands of students’ lives by teaching them programming.  She conducts regular classes to teach programming to anyone interested.  If you’re around in San Diego or Ivine, check out her blog post, for information on how you can attend these classes.


Small Basic Programs in 25 lines

Note: All the programs listed below can be downloaded directly into Small Basic.  Just import the programs using their published Id. What started as a fun challenge in our Small Basic Forums, quickly turned into a repository of very interesting programs, all conforming to a 25-line limit.  It is amazing to see enthusiastic participants come…


Graduating from Small Basic

You probably have heard of the “Graduate” feature introduced with the Small Basic v0.7.  If you haven’t – you should check it out – it allows you to convert any Small Basic program into an equivalent Visual Basic program, allowing you to gently ramp up to the full power of a professional programming language. Here’s…