Got ideas for the Small Basic blog?

Assuming you use Small Basic, of course. =^) We’ll interview key community folks, we’ll discuss Small Basic education, feature some programs, and enjoy some community conversations.   What are your ideas?  – Tall Basic Ed

This Week’s Featured Program

It’s that time again! This week’s featured program is SPACE INVADERS! This fast-paced alien-killing game was created by NaochanON. This program works best when played locally, but you our can try it out in your browser below!

The Blog is Back!

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that with the help of Ed Price, the Small Basic blog is now back! I will be posting new Small Basic news, extensions, programs, and more! Please stay tuned!

Small Basic 1.0 is here!

After more than two years of pre-release versions of Small Basic, we are finally releasing the 1.0 version.  Although we know that there a number of features we still haven’t implemented, we feel that Small Basic now has a solid set of the core features that make it useful to beginners.  We hope to get…

Small Basic v0.95 speaks another language!

Czech is now part of the Small Basic family and it is released for the first time in this latest version 0.95. We also updated some of the Korean strings after receiving some great feedback from one teacher from Korean. No functionality has been added or changed from version 0.9. Download the new version here!…

Small Basic V0.91 is more international than ever!

With 3 more languages available, it was hard for us to hold them to the next version. So we have released version 0.91 to include Hebrew, Croatian and Iberian Portuguese. This brings the count of supported languages to 18! No functionality has been added or changed from version 0.9.  Download the new version here! Translated user…

Small Basic Tutorials

If you are looking for a self-paced learning or teaching Small Basic tutorial, check out  Phil Conrod has a passion for writing tutorials and books aimed at beginner programmers and he’s done an excellent job of covering all the fundamentals of Small Basic programming.  He has also published a faithful port of David Ahl’s…


Teaching programming to kids

Lynn Langit and Llewellyn Falco are very active in the programming world, chasing their passion of teaching programming to kids.  They have been using Small Basic successfully, for over a year now, to introduce hundreds of kids to programming.  As an aid to help understand the programming concepts, they have created very interesting Small Basic…


Small Basic V0.9 is here!

Marking the 300k download milestone, comes the 9th installment of Small Basic, the fastest and the best yet!  This version of Small Basic packs a ton of bug fixes, performance improvements and some of the most requested features.  Download the new version here! Firstly, the Small Basic compiler and runtime have been overhauled and the…


Tower of Hanoi

Alex, a 9 year old programmer from Russia has been learning programming using Small Basic, and has showcased his new learning by porting over the famous Tower of Hanoi to Small Basic.    You can check it out and play with it by importing HANOI from Small Basic.  You can download the latest version of Small…