Small Basic – TechNet Wiki Contest Update!!

This content contest is coming to a close. Read about it here: Small Basic – New TechNet Wiki Contest!!! Here are our contestants for the “Best Article”: – Noah – Gungan – Nonki – Coding Cat – Liam – Nonki – Noah    Here are our contestants for Best Contributor:    Nonki 2 Japanese translations:…


Small Basic – Elementary & Middle Student Testimonials

Last Updated: 06/23/16 – Added the video of kids using and talking about Small Basic. 09/23/15: JCGarrido’s son, Adrian, age 12. 11/28/14: Der_Programmier, age 9. 10/21/13: Added Anne’s son. 8/25/13: Added Lisa M’s daughter, Amber. This blog post is a work in progress. It will grow as we collect testimonials. Please add to it by leaving comments below. Please…

Small Basic – The Wave Challenge (September Challenge Results)

You can find the challenges of the month in the Small Basic forums. Here are the October challenges. For the September challenge, the Wave Challenge was offered in the Physics Challenge section: Create a program to simulate waves.  Quite a general challenge so tackle it how you want – could be a water wave (2D)…


Getting Johnny to Code (response to "Why Can’t Johnny Code?")

Today’s guest blogger is Coding Cat, Matthew Parets:   Coding Cat’s Profile   Coding Cat is Matthew Parets, a Computer Science teacher, one that I would have loved to have had. You probably would too, after you read this blog post. Here is a brief bio about Matthew in his words:   I have been…


The Unique Features of the Small Basic Language

This blog post originates with the question in the  Small Basic FAQ . We also wanted to give the community a chance to answer this question in depth in the TechNet Wiki article.   What are the unique features of the Small Basic language? ImperativeJust like the early variants of BASIC, Small Basic is imperative and doesn’t use…


Small Basic Tutorial: A Simple Savings Calculator For Kids

  Today, we have a special guest blogger, Philip Conrod! He is sharing with us an excerpt from their book for kids, Beginning Microsoft Small Basic by Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee. You can find their books and other materials at the Computer Science For Kids web site. Thanks to Philip for sharing. Please enjoy!   ==================…


Small Basic – New TechNet Wiki Contest!!!

Small Basic is now on TechNet Wiki! Thanks to Noah Buscher, we already have two Small Basic articles on TechNet Wiki: Small Basic How to Create a Small Basic Extension Thanks to Nonki Takahashi for translating them into Japanese already! Go to this link for all the Small Basic English articles on TechNet Wiki: Small Basic…


6 Lessons to learn Small Basic and graduate to Visual Basic!

Learn how to use Small Basic and to graduate to Visual Basic… in 6 steps! Lesson 1: Getting Started with Small Basic Lesson 1.1: Introduction to Small Basic – Estimated time to complete this sub-lesson: 30 minutes Lesson 1.2: Statements, Properties, and Operations  – Estimated time to complete this sub-lesson: 1 hour Lesson 1.3: Variables…

Small Basic Extensions Gallery

UPDATED 07/06/16: Added Oculus Rift/Oculus SB. On 03/05/16: Updated the ESL extension links. On 02/28/16: Added Jibba Jabba’s Small Basic Leaderboard, Extended Text Library (by jsakamoto), Fast 2D Graphics (by FuleSnabel), Kinect (by Synergist), Neural Network (by EzyMCP), and SquareBasic (by Benedikt Muessig). On 01/31/16: Added Fremy’s Extension as a featured extension. On 11/2/15: Added LitDev and EV3 Basic….

1942 – Featured Small Basic Program

Today we’re featuring 1942 – by Laurent20. For better performance, play the game locally by going here. Or play it online here. It’s amazing how far we’ve come, huh? I remember playing this in the arcade. Now, in my chair. Well great job to Laurent20 and to Ari Feldman, who created most of the art….