Drawing Many Shapes with Combination of Small Basic Shapes

Small Basic Shapes has only four types of shapes - rectangle, ellipse, triangle and line. To draw more types of shapes, we can combine basic four shapes. But some calculation is needed for each case. So I started to write sample programs to draw many kind of shapes. And I finished first five. I also write a document "Drawing Shapes A-Z Notebook" about that.

This version of document contains following shapes.

Connected Circles (JLD998)
Screen shot of a program Connected Circles

Round Triangle (TBS366)
Screen shot of a program Round Triangle and Round Hat

Leaf (SWQ334)
Screen shot of a program Leaf

Trapezoid (RSQ369)
Screen shot of a program Trapezoid

Parallelogram (QWF833)
Screen shot of a program Parallelogram

Enjoy Small Basic shapes!  Thanks.

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  1. I added three more shapes hexagon, arc and round rectangle to the document.

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