Announcement: Welcome to Small Basic Website 2.0

We're pleased as punch (punch that particularly pleased) to announce our new Small Basic website:

Many people have worked hard on this. As Small Basic is a volunteer project at Microsoft (Garage and Hackathons aplenty), it's taken a lot of hands and a lot of time. So let's start with the thank you's from folks that got started on it as early as 2016: Amrit Ranjan, Kodanda Rambabu Guddanti, Casey Schaertl, Chandler Baker, David Carmona, Chris Stackhouse, Janelynn Chan, Joy Awad, Alisha Nanda, Allison Hopper, Colby Hanley, Elena Escalas, Gauri Ramesh, Huma Agarwal, Juan Tian, Krishna Prajeeth Vysyaraju, Lilian Kasem, Liyan Li, Madeleine Cheyette, Mary Gansallo, Mimi Sasouvanh, Nandita Mohan, Sanchita Srivastava, Selma Ikiz, Srishti Belwariar, Javi-Cuan Martin, Hannah Stulberg, Maira Wenzel, Holly Muenchow, Liz Bander, Aayushi Modi, Annie Joss, Brooke Chang, Devagnanam Jayaseelan, Archana Iyer.

Next, let's take a look at the new Website 2.0 (here is how it looked in development in 2017):

That's available now over at We'll have our 2018 updates in effect soon.

Some features:

  1. Top Featured articles rotate across the top banner.
  2. Dynamically updated announcements on the right.
  3. More tutorials and documentation, than ever, are available on the website.
  4. We'll be able to update the featured programs.
  5. Access to Small Basic Online (Public Preview). More on that soon!

So head on over to, check it out, and return here. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments!


This is a big step forward and one of many improvements you'll see for Small Basic.


Have a Small and Basic day!

- Ninja Ed

Comments (5)

  1. Tryhest says:

    we have now 4 SB editions:
    – SB 1.2 desktop
    – SB 1.3 UWP windows store only W10
    – SB online
    – SB Prime

    only sb 1.2 and sb prime support ld and other xtensions
    sb online has many issues and many existing sb progs won’t work without modifications:
    – different keymapping
    – AND/OR don’t work
    – to detect keys one has to click on textwindow
    – no windows title
    – drawtext acts as shape, changing font changes all drawn font size
    – italic doesn’t work
    – all the quotations must be closed
    – sometimes popup strange errors, starting again removes them

    1. I also replied on the other thread. We have two official versions… Small Basic Desktop and Small Basic Online.

      The UWP Windows Store is a build of Small Basic Desktop.

      Small Basic Online is the first step toward us getting one source that can exist across all platforms, and one source code for building both. More on that soon.

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