Helper to solve Chaos Su Do Ku – Small Basic featured program

Today I'd like to introduce a program written by ErmiteUrbain.

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ErmiteUrbain wrote a program to help to solve Chaos Sudoku.  The program ID is PTX661.  And the information is uploaded in a forum thread Nominate games (or other programs) here to get featured on our Blog! (PART 3).  Chaos Sudoku is a kind of Sudoku (number place) puzzle.

Sample screen shot of Chaos Sudoku

This program can show possible numbers for each box and hints such as unique possible number in a row or a column.

Screen shot of suggestion message box in Help for Chaos Su Do Ku

Check the Small Basic forum thread above for more detail.  Original version is French but I translate it to English version.

Thank you ErmiteUrbain for sharing your program!

If you'd like to introduce your program in this blog, please upload the information to the thread above.

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